Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Secret confesion II *all gasp....again*

Now, if any you have read Sercet confession *all gasp* you may not be as excited by one of my post saying 'secret confessions'. And I will admit, it is a little bit of a stupid confession, but it is a secret none the less.
Now if you have read my 'Hopes Here' page (it's just above if you haven't) you know that I love a good book. I tend to read harrowing sad ones, some of my favourite books being the Bell Jar and the Interpretation of Murder, not books centred around happy topics right? But there is one series of books I go back to time and time again (even though I am 17) and they always seem to cherr me and, and that is.....(promise you wont laugh?) The Princess Diaries Series. Yeh, I know, to go from Sylvia Plath to this is a bit of a turn around, and someone who professes to have a love of classic literature it seems like an odd choice, but hear me out.
I can totally relate to Miss Mia Thermopolis. Ok, I am not a princess, my dad isnt a prince with a tendency to date super models and my mum didn't marry my Algerbra teacher (I don't even have Algerbra classes, Maths, not Algerbra). But alot of things I can relate to, I have unruely hair, I always hide how I truely feel, I am a geek and like Star Wars. But also some of the more serious things Mia goes through have happened in my life too. I had a breakdown when the 'supposed love of my life' dumped me too, even though I was the one who went all crazy on him (and ok he hasn't gone to Japan to build a robotic surgical arm, but he wants to be a doctor, and that saves lives). I also got depression, and had to go to therapy every single week (ok, my therapist wasn't a cowboy either, but still similar). All my 'depressing' usual reads were taken away from me and during my tough times I was left to read this series, and it helped me a lot, I felt like I could really relate to a fictional American Princess, and even now when I feel a little down, I pick up the books and start reading again. And I have alot to thank Mia and Meg Cabot for, and even though I have given up hope of the happy ending that Mia has (graduation, top college, a boyfriend who returns and secretly loved her all the time, and a best friend back) I still love the books, and every now and then still secretly beleive I am a princess too....H x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Coyote? Lawyer? Prime Minister? Or marry a rich guy...?

During my holidays I have to write my personel statement, I know right, the clue is in the name, H O L I D A Y!!! There should be no work, and especially not something as stressfull as this.
Now I am excited for University (I've never been more terrified in my life) and I know exactly want I wanna do with my life (Nope, nadda, not a clue, is being a Princess a degree?) so you can understand why I am finding it a little difficult to write my personnel statement.

When I was a little girl I went through all the regular thoughts small kids have about growing up; Vet, check. Farmer, check. Pop star, check. But I also had a few unusual ones too, such as Princess (I am still convinced ddep down that my real parents will find me and I will one day ascend to the throne) and more bizzarely, Coyote. Now for those of you in the dark, I am not talking about the dog, I didnt wanna be Wiley Coyote, thats for sure. I am talking about the film Coyote Ugly, those Coyotes. Now I know that most of you will be horrified that an 8 year old wanted to be a Coyote, but it was one of my favourite films (still is) when I was younger, and my parents were the kind to let you watch any film you wanted as long as it wasn't violent (or James Bond, weird I know). And if you think about it, it does look kinda fun, if you are oblivious to all other conitations that go with the profession, but somehow I think if I turned around now and said to my parents I was uping sticks to New York to become an actual Coyote, I think they would object, now I am 17, and practically a grown women.

So what does that leave me with? A boring ol' job? I love history, but will a history degree get me anywhere? And Geography? Art? Maths? What on earth am I gonna do? Why do they make you decide now? My Mum is 50 and she still doesn't know what she wants to do, how is a 17 year old supposed to know what she wants to do? Really deep down, I have always wanted to be a housewife, have a bunch of kids and look after them until they leave the nest. But what University will except me if I wirte that? I know I am not the only one, tonnes of my friends ave no idea what they want to do, but we have to decide, now.

Personally I have decided to apply for law, as this combines a lot of things I like to do, with the ability to help people, and that is why, when I write my personnel statement, I will be writing about how I want to study the law, and you know what, it may not be as glamorous as a princess, but it may just be much more rewarding, H x
It's time I left my childhood dreams behind me
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I climbed a f***ing mountain!!

Sorry for my long absence from the universe that is the internet, it turns out when you miss three weeks off school you have a hell of a lot of catching up to do, and I have been running around ever since trying to appease all my teachers (ok, I did do alot of gossip catch up with my friends aswell).

Today I write to you my lovelies to tell you about my trip to *drum roll* Morocco!! Thats right, I went to Africa, and not just for a relaxing holiday in Marrakech either, I climbed the High Atlas Mountains!! Now if you have been an avid reader of all my other posts you may be a little confused, I have made no secret of my (somewhat lacking) love for excercise. But this was an eye opener into where walking can actually get you, and in my case that is to the top of a very high montain!!
The main mosque in Marakkech, which if you get lost is a great place to meet up, not that I got lost or anything, just incase you do though......

Now I went with school and a company called Schools Worldwide, if you havent heard of them, follow this link, they do some amazing trips for people up to 18. If you are keen on volunteering and trekking then feel free to follow this link to their website

From altitude sickness, to toilets that were holes in the ground,  to getting proposed one too many times in Marakkech to dancing with the traditional Berber population, I fully recommend that you, my dears, get yourself off to Africa, and in paticular, Morocco for an experience of a lifetime. H x
Trekking Gear isn't the most attractive, note to self, hats from Claires Accesorise are not very sturdy....

Stairs to my boudoir anyone?

Dinner on a roof terrace anyone? However, it was so hot that my bum stuck to the seat!


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