Monday, 17 June 2013

Running Shoes, oh how I loath you...

I have always had a love hate relationship with my running shoes, scratch that, I have always had a love hate relationship with excercise in general. Every night I place my running shoes at the bottom of my bed so on the mornings I may be tempted to go for a run. This NEVER happens. Dont get me wrong, I like running, I enjoy going to the gym and feeling the burn as you stretch your legs on that treadmill, on that beautiful woodland track, but as soon as I get tired I stop and go home. Theres also the fact that after excercise not only am I hot and sweaty but my skin looks a yellow sickly colour (I dont go red, just very sallow, not a good look) and if I see someone I know I duck behind the nearest tree in sight. Getting to the gym is enough excercise in itself, never mind actually running!!

Nowadays teenagers all over feel the pressure to stay skinny, its not just girls, more and more boys are also feeling the pressure to stay lean and mean. Now  everyone eats and excercises there way skinny. I have friends who run, cycle, swim and even do hours of squats and crunches in the name of staying toned and thinned. The majority of guys I know weight lift and do push up all in the name of a beautiful flat stomach (and as much as I worry about this new rise of low self esteem, some of their abs are pretty darn impressive...hmmmm...). But shouldnt we be excercising because we enjoy it? Because it makes us happy?

I myself have struggled with self image and after years of self starving I finally came to the conclusion that food is actually rather gosh darn tasty and the only way to eat all the scrummy food I see and to not worry is to excercise, but not in excess, and always eat to replenish my rumbling tummy. And if I am doing something I love, then that excercise isnt a chore but a pleasure. Excercise is also important for another reason, it releashes endorphins, which go a long way to help releiving that school, boyfriend, or family stress. And that is why tommorow morning instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I will don my running shoes and go out for an early morning run (as long as a full cooked breakfast is waiting for me when I get back, maybe with waffles and maple syrup on the side?) And I encourage that instead of running or going to the gym to stay slim you go do something you enjoy and dont push yourself too hard, and always, always reward yourself with some well deserved choccy after ;) x


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