Monday, 10 June 2013

Oxford or Cambridge? I wish!

When you are younger you always assume that you will do well in school, get straight A's and go to Oxford or Cambridge.

Growing up my former schools never told me otherwise, I was smart and people always assumed that I would do well at school, and I never thought otherwise, but roll on high school and things look slightly different. Suddenly there were hundreds of smart kids left right and centre, I mean I had always had smart friends, but boy some of the people I was meeting were smart cookies, I am talking straight A's and child prodigys here. Fast forwrad four years and suddenly it is that time, University? Gap Year? Marraige? (Scratch that last one, unless your Prince Harry, then I accept, or should I say I do?)

Suddenly Oxford and Cambridge seem far from my grasp and my options are blown wide open, where an earth am I going to study, and more to the point what am I going to study? I dont think there is a degree in watching the Jeremy Kyle Show or cooking Super Noodles (I suggest the Mild Curry flavour btw), which leaves me still a wondering. Every teenager knows and dreads the fatal question, 'What do you want to do when your older?' and I highly doubt being a coyote like Piper Perabo in the film Coyote Ugly is gonna cut it anymore (at age 8 my parents were mortified at this aspiration I hasten to add). So, now I am left with a mound of university broucheres in my bedroom trying to decide on my next move, and dreading 'the talk' that awaits me and my fellow pupils at school on Wednesday. So how should I decide I ask you, my dear readers? Pull a name out of a hat? Shut my eyes and point? Or go with what people have always told me and expected of me? Well one thing is for sure and that is that I am not alone in this and that thousands just like me are pulling at their hair and chewing on those already knarled nails, and I would love to know how you are coping with the momentous task. And on that note I must leave you to go shop for a new wig, as I feel that all this stress has seriously thinned my hair! x
Manchester or LSE maybe?

Or perhaps a Uni in New Zealand? Or is the sheep to human ratio a little too high?


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