Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Employee of the Month? Yeah right!!

Now if watching every episode of Fresh Meat over and over was a job, I would be employee of the month every time, scratch that, I would have won an MBE due to my dedication to the field. Unfortunately fo me it isnt a job, and it doesnt pay too well either. I swear, when every teenager turns a certain age the fatal words, 'I need a job' are uttered and I giant man hunt ensues to be the first person to find a weekend job.

Now Unlike my friends I haven't felt too great a urge or need to get a job up until now, when a car, Uni and festival after festival all seem to be rolling into one giant pound sign. It always seems that when you actually need money it is rarely there (ok maybe I have a small weakness for clothes shopping, but still my bank account shouldnt be that empty!). Everyone is always envious of the friend who always seems to have money to spend due to their weekend job. And it is not just the money that is a perk, how about those new work collegues and the work nights out? And the infamous Christmas Party?

Ofcourse applying for a job means a CV and I have no idea how to write one. What traits and hobbies do I actually have that are worthy? How do the majority of teenagers manage to have things to write about? 'Once hosted an enormous house party, showed planning skills'? Don't think thats gonna cut it, or how about 'Can succesfully cook beans on toast, shows great culinary skills'? Nope dont think that counts either, so what do you actually write? Everytime I sit down with my laptop ready to write down my praises I never get very far. It truely amazes me how any of my friends have jobs, unless they all are secretly working for MI6 or something, come to think of it, they never did email me an example of their CV.......x

This is what happens everytime I try to write my CV, I think it is a talent right?


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