Thursday, 12 December 2013

What I am listening to this Week #8 (Christmas Special)

Its finally round to my favourite time of year, Christamas!! (closely followed by my 18th birthday, double the excitement!!). I love everything about Christmas, buying people gifts and seeing their smiles, the frost and snuggly jumpers, the food and that excitement which you can feel in the air, you name it, I love all of it. I especially love the songs!! I just went out last week and bought 'Now that's what I call Christmas' and have been playing it in my car repeatedly (sorry to all those passengers out there who have had to endure my singing). So this weeks playlist is filled with Christmassy songs. YAY!!!

1. Fairytale of New York- The Pogues ft Kirsty MacColl This is my favourite chirstmas song, as its the one I remeber most from my childhood, as it is one of my Dad's favourite songs too. I also used to find the rude words hilarious when I was about 10, I like to think I am a bit more mature now.....
2. Do they know its Christmas?- Band Aid Probably one of the most well known Christmas songs of all time. At the time of making this track no one had done anything like it before, and Bob Gedolf has said on many occasions that when he asked his fellow musicians to join him, he had no expectations, but so many turned up, making it one of the world's most famous charity tracks of all time.
3. All I want for Christmas is You- Mariah Carey Now, I dont know about anyone else, but this song always makes me want to sing out loud. Anyone else fail to reach Mariah Carey's high note....?
4. Santa Baby- Kylie Minogue This is a bit of a sultry Christmas song, and one always played in shops. Kylie here looking pretty fine if I do say so myself.
5. Little Drummer Boy- Pentatonix This is a slightly alternative version of this song, but I love this band, and I really like their covers. So why not give it a try?
6. Let it Snow- Michael Buble This guy has serious charm. And it wouldn't be a Christmas playlist without something from his album. I chose this paticular song because I really really want it to snow!!
7. The Power of Love- Gabrielle Aplin I hadn't really associated this song with Christmas until it appeared on the now album, but now it seems like its always been a Christmas song. And as much as I love 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' this is my favourite version of the song, I just love Miss Aplin's voice.

8. Silent Night- Kings College Choir, Cambridge Now I am not a paticularly religious person, but every December I find myself going into church just to listen to the carol services, as they are just so beautiful. This song is so peaceful and moving, just beautiful really.

9. White Christmas- Bing Crosby My favourite Christmas movie, hands down. We used to watch it in our little flat in Scotland, in the middle of nowhere (often with the wind howling around us) every Christmas Eve, complete with a box of Roses. If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it, mind though, its a tear jerker.
10. Slade- Merry Christmas Everybody 'IT'S CHRISTMAS' (nough said).

Hope you all enjoyed my favourite festive songs, I could of gone on and on with this playlist, but I limited myself to just 10 (challenge, I know). I would love to know what your favourite holiday songs are, and possibly add them to my list of favourties.....(cause you can never have too many Christmas songs) H x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Let the festivities begin...

Christmas has finally arrived in the Butler household (albeit slightly late) and I got very excited. Firslty I got the Christmas decorations out of the shed, and all the twinkly lights somehow managed to get tangled up, like every year...but a few hours later I had them all on and was humming festive tunes. I then proceeded to make my boyfriend (the least enthusiastic Christmas person I have met, and I practically live with Scrooge) listen to my Christmas album everywhere I drove and watch 'A Christmas Carol' with me, whilst I quoted the film. 'Marley was dead, as dead as a doornail...'

Next up came the Christmas shopping!! I had the day off school so me and a few friends decided to tackle the hard job of buying everyone Christmas presents. I had my list all sorted, my Reindeer skirt on and my snowflake earrings, just to get me in the mood. I even had festive snacks, in the form of snowbites (oh how I have missed those delicious Cadburys creations). And lets just say, I have a whole line up of festive outfits that I will hopefully get to show you guys, and maybe even a festive wrapping idea or two. H x
Fenwick's Window! I queue every year to see it

Christmas Shopping, complete with a super healthy lunch to fuel the hour my friend spent in Primark....


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What I am listening to this Week #7

I decided to lay off the christmas playlist till next week, as I have really been too busy to get into the proper festive mood, and I haven't had time to find my Chrimbo albums (I suspect my parents have hidden them from me anyway...) So although this week's playlist may be slighlty lacking in festivity, it's still worth a listen!!

1. Daughter- Medicine This first song is quite personal to me. When I first started to get sick (I will explain my illness at some point in a later post when I am ready) my friend said this song reminded her of me. At the time this made me very sad, but I have grown to love the song, as I realised that it helped her to understand and feel better about what I was going through. A song that has the power to do something like that is very special indeed.
2. Nneka- Shining Star A beautiful song by a beautiful women. I love the slight laid back reggae vibe this song has, and it gets me smiling everytime I hear it. Also check out her song with Ziggy Marley here.
3. Dexy's Midnight Runners- Come on Eileen My Dad was a big fan of punk and this era of music, and songs like these just remind me of car journeys as a child, my Dad singing along and me dancing in my car seat. Apparenlty I was more of a 'The Jam' fan as a child, but this is one of the first song's I can remember my Dad singing to me as a child.
4. Emily and the Woods- Small Song I am quite a small person, so I enjoy the name of this song. The best things come in small packages, just like this song. And I love her name aswell, there's something eiry and cool about adding 'and the Woods' to your name. Hope and the Woods anyone....?
5. Hudson Taylor- Lose Yourself/Walking on the Flume A mash up that I would never have imagined, but it seems to work really well, and I think part of that is down to the talent of these guys. As well as covers with the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and Lewis Watson they also write their own songs, served with a slice of delicious harmonies, so please go check these guys out!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What I am listening to this Week #6

It's been just over a month since I actually did my weekly playlist (so much for a weekly segment...) and I have found my self needing music more and more just to destress my life, keep me company and just in general lift my mood. It is actually scientifically proven that music can help calm you down and improve your mood (hello ipods in lesson) and so without further a do I give you my much belated weekly playlist:

1. Crystal Fighters- Love Natural Bands that my friends introduce me to often become my favourite, and these guys are no exception. I kinda wish I had disovered them by myself just once, but these guys are too good to give up and have me dancing around my room in no time.
2. St Lucia- When the Night This band is new to me, and is a little bit more techno than I usually listen to, but they have some great songs. I often just hit play and lie back on my bed soaking up the melody (and usually falling asleep, but I have been really busy recently!)
3. Artic Monkeys- Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Enter Alex Turner. When I was little I was convinced I would marry Alex turner, and tour with the band as his wife. Needless to say my parents weren't best pleased with this aspiration, but seeing the Artic Monkeys have just been announced as headliners for T in the Park, and my friends are buying up tickets left right and centre, I had to include them in this week's playlist.
4. Ry X- Berlin All I can say is adverts are powerful things, and with Berlin featuring on a new advert (you all know the one I am talking about, that camera confetti one) this song has been playing everywhere. This song makes me want to cry and jump up and twirl around my room simultaneously, and its the kind of song that I could listen to time and time again and never get tired of his scrumptious voice. Also I really do want to go to Berlin.....
5. Dry the River- History Book This song is beautiful, there isn't really another way to put it. I feel it right down to the tips of my toes and just cant stop smiling when I listen to it (over and over again). As I bit of a history buff I love the name of the song too, and I just can't seem to fault one of the band members amazing beards.

I leave you with a little pre warning, next Sunday is the 1st of December, and I have been trying to stave off the christmas excitement until a more resonable month, but once those advent calenders start being opened I don't think I will be able to resist a Christmas playlist. H x

Friday, 22 November 2013

24 hours in A&E (ok it was actually 7 1/2 hours....)

I know Wedneasday is supposed to be the worst day of the week, when the week seems like it is never going to end, but for me it was a little trip to A&E at 7 in the morning with the possibility of appendicitis. After seven hours, alot of morphine, and a bag full of fluid later I was released, with the comment 'We dont know what that was'.

Now I am trying to recover from my painful ordeal, and as I mentioned in my earlier post here I am literally the worst person at being sick on the history of the planet. But I thought I would share with you a few things that I use when I am sick.

Everyone needs a good selection of books (and the most recent Company) to read whilst lounging in bed
I wasn't allowed anything bar water and dry bread for 24 hours after my release, the next day however, was all about the tea

Blankets and a  hot water bottle (mine is in the shape of a adorable lion) are neccessary for a much needed snuggle

I am currently at home on the mend, and hope to be up and about again for my friends 18th birthday (even if I am still walking like an old man and need alot of makeup to make myself look semi presentable...). However, I am still waiting for the get well flowers from my family, but I think I am gonna have to settle for them making me cups of tea instead. H x

Monday, 18 November 2013

'We are infinite'

So this week I  was reading 'The Perks of being a Wallflower' (again) and there was one quote that stuck with me; 'We are infinite'. Now those of you who have read the book will know that Charlie (the main character) is classed as a wallflower and with his new friends (seniors Sam and Partick) he takes a memorable drive in Sam's pickup truck and this perfect song comes on the radio, and nothing can deter their happiness in that given moment. And Charlie's words resonate in my mind. As young people we are infinite, I am infinite, you are infinite. Our whole lives stretch before us and the childish constraints that prohibited us from truely reaching our desires is gone.

And in all those moments, whether it be that perfect song, that perfect night, that perfect moment with friends (which so insignificant to outsiders is a moment that we'll never forget) make us infinite. No matter how small we must seize these moments, for as we grow and age, and those perfect moments all those years ago suddenly seem inconsequential is when we slip up. When we loose that feeling we limit ourselves, we begin to see ourselves as the judgemental do, and the boudaries created can sufficate you.

So seize those moments, live for them, make your own infinite memories, smile, and never let go of them.

H x

Friday, 25 October 2013

What I am listening to this Week #5

Seeing as it is a Friday and all, I thought that this weeks playlist could have a little weekend party theme, so here goes;

1. Underworld- Born Slippy .Nuxx I remember my Dad playing this tune alot when I was younger, and it took me a while to like the song, as I couldn't understand the lyrics. But as I have grown older I have grown to love this tune, so thanks Dad!
2. Wonderful Night- Fatboy Slim A great tune to dance to, I honestly can't stay still when this tune is played, and bizzarely enough my dad introduced me to this guy too from an early age, and I have fond memories of me and my younger sister dacing around to Mr Norman Cooke's songs in our tiny flat in Scotland.
3. Warrior's Dance- The Prodigy A band my Mum was desperate for me and her to go see a few years back (yeh, not a band I would go see with anyones mother, nevermind my own....) The Prodigy have always been cranked up to full volume in our household, and the video for this songs is a definite watch (dancing cigarettes burning in gasoline, what more could you ask for?).
4. Around the World- Daft Punk I had a tough time deciding on which Daft Punk song to chose, should I have gone for Robot Rock, Da Funk or something newer such as Get Lucky? I just couldnt quite decide which one of these helmet loving guys songs to go for, so why not have a dance around to all the ones listed above?
5. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child A girl always needs some sass when getting ready for a night out, or to dance to on the dance floor, so roll on Destiny's Child. And with deep and meaningfull lyrics such as 'I don't think you're ready for this jelly' you'll defintely be ready for a night out!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

What I am listening to this Week #4

It seems like my weeks are forever jam packed with things that need doing; homework, tidying, looking after my little sister, and with a run up to Christmas fastly approaching things are only gonna get worse! Without my music keeping me calm and collected I would most probably be a giant fire ball of stress right now. So without further a do I give you 'What I am listening to this Week'.

1. Home- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zone This is such a happy go lucky song and everytime I hear it my mood is instantly lifted. I paticularly love this song as the line 'Alabama Arkansas' reminds me of my party trick in where I name the fifty states (a little sad I know, I have no idea about the counties of England and I'm English. but what can ya do....).
2. Ben Pearce- "What I might Do" Everytime the new Tesco's F+F advert came on TV I would have to turn up the volume and listen. After weeks of meaning to look up the song and forgetting I have finally found it, and now I have a good ol' dance to it whenever I want. I also really want to party with the people in this video, paticularly the guy with the Unicorn horn. Do you think a Unicorn Horn would be too much to for school...?
3. Bassment Jaxx- Do your Thing In honour of my Bassment Jaxx tickets arriving in the post the other day I have had them on repeat. I cannot wait to see these guys live!!
4. Respect- Aretha Franklin I used to dream I had this womens voice, and whilst partying at a friends 18th me and a group of girls proved that we definetly dont have her voice, and sounded more like dying cats. But that isn't gonna stop me from dreaming!! This version is taken from the the Blues Brothers 2000 film where she plays Matt 'Guitar' Murphy's bossy wife, a set of films I have loved since I was a little girl.
5. Cannonball- The Breeders Finally last but certainly not least is Cannonball by The Breeders. Going a little old school with a classic head bangin' tune. This song screams the 90s, the video a testiment to my birth decade.

Hope you like my weekly playlist, and I look forward to sharing more music with you soon. H x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Choosing a University

I am a pretty indecisive person. I thought we should just get that cleared up now. I find it hard choosing what I am gonna eat for lunch, what I am gonna wear and generally meaningless day to day tasks. So when it comes to choosing something important I have NO idea. None at all. And I suddenly find myself saddled with the task of where I wish to spend the next 3 years (or more) of my life.

Every weekend for the past month I have been trawling around university after university trying to decide which one I like best. But I am just too picky, one place I will like the accomodation, the next, the course, the one after that the city. And I am easily swayed. If it is raining or I am in a bad mood I will instantly go off the place. If an open day has bunting up, then I am hooked. But I cant seem to find a university where I love every aspect of it. Family, friends, teachers are all telling me to take a gap year out. But I just know if I do that I will spend it watching Jeremy Kyle and 'The Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills' (has there ever been a better show?). If I had something planned I could justify a year out, like a volunteering job, or a holiday abroad somewhere...? But I just havent planned for it and have no money. I want to go to Uni, I do, its just a matter of choosing.
Is that bunting I see in the distance!?

Pretty red flowers are also a deal breaker

There is then the problems of going. I am an extremely shy person, and new people get me very nervous and I never know quite what to do with myself. There is then the whole Freshers Week (even more people) where I just know I am going to do something stupid. Me and drink do not go well together, trust me (ooh thats another post idea, embarrassing stories, coming soon!!). Now I know anyone reading this will say that everyone is in the same boat, but are they really? There is always a certain group of people who are super confident and uber cool, even with copious amounts of alcohol in them, I just aint one of them.

I know that a new found independence and a chance for learning are also in the running, and I am truely excited about that, its just I cant help thinking about all the negative things too....

Now I am off to go whittle down my gigantic list of universities to five, so wish me luck! H x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

What I am listening to this Week #3

Its time again for my weekly playlist, so I am just gonna dive straight in.

1. Counting Stars- One Republic I have been hearing this song everywhere lately, and I gotta admit, I love it. I think I am beginning to annoy my friends by singing it constantly, but I just cant seem to stop at the moment....
2. Chocolate- The 1975 To celebrate these guys new album coming out this week I have picked a classic song by them for this weeks playlist. Now any band that has a song called Chocolate grabs my attention.
3. Wake me Up- Avicii This song is mainly on here due to it being played at every party I go to. It is a great dancing tune, mind everything from Avicii is, but this song has the beautiful voice of Aloe Blacc aswell, an added bonus!!
4. "Talk Dirty"- Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz Here is another one of those party, gotta dance to songs, and when I first heard this I was in my school's cafe eating lunch with my friends and suddenly they just started doing this Egyptian esque dance. Not sure whether that was the sound Jason was going for, but it certainly is a tune that gets everyone dancing (even if it is Egyptain swaying hips).
5. Shout- The Isley Brothers I am a huge fan of old music, from blues and jazz to 60s rock n roll, and in my opinion this is the ultimate dancing song, that everyone should know and have a sing along too. As soon as this blog post is up I am gonna have to blast this out and have a good old shimmy too.

Now heres a bonus track, as I always have to have a curveball in here, so here it is, Miss Santanna Lopez's version of Nutbush City Limit:
Hope you enjoy this weeks playlist, and I would love to hear from you what you have been listening to thhis week. H x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The B Word

Now, when I say the B word I know what you are all thinking, but today I am not talking about those cat fights you have at school, I am talking about the other B word, the Boyfriend word. Before we go any further, this isnt gonna be an expose into my love life, certainly not, this post came about due to the lengthy discussions I have been having with my friends over the last few days about THEIR love life (just so we're clear).

Sometimes listening to my friends talk about their love lives confuses me. There is all this umming and aahing over what they are thinking, what they want, whether or not you are actually boyfriend and girlfriend. And I sympathise with them, I really do, last relationship I had I turned into a monster, someone I didn't want to be. Clingy. Jealous. Obsessive. Three words I never want to be associated with ever again, so I really do understand the pain that relationships can put you through. But heres the thing, the be all and end all of relationships, that one defining word that can change oh so much, and that is the B word.

Maybe if we all just wore jumpers like these it'd
be simpler....?

Since social networking has become such a HUGE part of our everyday lives I have been hearing a certain phrase going around. This phrase I am reffering to is the 'Facebook Official' phrase. According to some people a relationship isnt official unless it is plastered all over your fb wall, that little 'In a Relationship with...' and a heart. But what if you dont want the high school of the internet nebbing around in your love life? I mean telling people at high school is bad enough, my relationship was even discussed between my friends and my teacher, which was a tad embarassing to say the least. Why cant we just leave our love life private, do things our own way?

This is not to say I am condemming the whole fb thing, for some people its great. And I admit next time round maybe I would put it up on my wall, but enevitably it always leads to that one awkward conversation. Asking someone you are just getting to know, or who you have just made out with or whatever, whether you can announce it to the fb world is never an easy conversation. What if they say no? Does that lead onto a whole other conversation? A premature break up? Feelings of distrust? I honestly couldn't tell ya, but next time someone wants to have a sit down chat with me about their love life I am gonna listen carefully, with totally unbiased ears, and see whether they can persuade me next time around to make it 'Facebook Official'. H x

(Image from:


Monday, 23 September 2013

A quick update

Now I know I deserve a huge slap on the wrist yet again for neglecting my blogging duties, and I probably could do with some organisational tips as I am probably the least organised person on the planet.

I am almost a month back into school, and I have been exhausted. Lessons, socialising and waking up early to catch a lift to school all seem to be taking its toll, and dont even get me started on fighting for the bathroom in the morning. With my lack of organisational skills (as mentioned above) I have started going to school with frizzy hair, toothpaste on my jeans and cloaked in shapeless hoodies, and am I any less tired? Nope. Add the fact that all my weekends are spent touring Universitiy campuses and wishing people a Happy 18th and I am exhausted. When will it all end?? I mean I cant complain, celebrating with my friends is lots of fun, and planning where I will spend the next three years of my life is kind of exciting too. But I just wish I could get a little me time. Maybe have time for a bubble bath, a face mask, maybe even paint my nails (I have had chipped nails for 2 weeks now)?

I feel a little bit like this gummy bear I murdered...
 I would love to hear all about your stressy school, work or social life, cause surely I can't be the only one right!? Or is it just my lack or organisation...? H x

Friday, 30 August 2013

What I am listening to this Week #2

Well this is the second installment in my new weekly post, What I am listening to this Week #2, if you missed last weeks, click here to read.

1. Snow (Hey Ho)- Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Now this song has always been on my playlist to get my spirits up, but this week was major cleaning week, and it got me through scrubbing the floors, painting, glossing and de moulding, and without it I probably would have sank down in a pile of grime.
2. Animal Rights- Deadmau5 ft. Wolfgang Gartner- This is quite an unusual one for me to have yet again, but I do alot of mixing, and this track has been instumental to mashing up my own mixes recently.
3.No Diggity- Passenger ft Ed Sheeran- I love the origional and when I saw that Passenger, who's voice I kinda wanna marry, had done a cover I had to listen to it, I love how they have broken it down and the harmonies are good. There is also a little cheeky mashup of Macklemores- Thrift Shop which was pleasantly unexpected.
4. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons- I first heard and got into this song because it was the advert to the new Assasins Creed game (oh the powers of advertising) and after that I had to find out who wrote it. The band is great, and I had the pleasure of seeing them live at T in the Park recently. They did a special live version of this song which would put the length of Stairway to Heaven to shame. Again, it is the bass line that I love about this song, throw in futuristic sounding, revolutiony lyrics and this Sci-Fi chick is hooked.
5. Do Re Me- Sound of Music- Now I always have to have a curveball track in here somewhere it seems, and here it is this week. I took my little sister out for her first trip to the Theatre yesterday to see The Sound of Music, and she loved it. Generally as a rule I am not so keen on musicals, unless its something like Hairspray or Grease, and my family has a tradition of never having seen the Sound of Music (my Grandad is 82 and still refuses to watch it), so I wasnt keen on seeing this paticular musical. But I must admit it was ok, but I didnt get the whole Nun/Singing Children thing one bit, however, when I got home, unloading the dishwasher I found myself humming this tune, maybe I am cut out for the Theatre after all.... H x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Charity Shop Haul

Now I have had a bit of a busy week (for me anyway) visiting my Grandparents and taking my sister on day trips during her last week of holidays, so I apologise for being a bit abscence in the blogging department.

Whilst at my Grandparents over in the Yorkshire Dales I took advantage of all the different little shops that are dotted around, mostly for the benefit of tourists. There was this old fashioned Apothecary shop that made me pratically cry with joy over all the homemade bath salts, perfumes, shampoos and soaps I could buy. Not only that but they also had a clothing section which sold the cutest pairs of frilly underwear I have ever seen, and I was just in the mind to make a purchase when my Grandma's dissaproving face looked over, so I moved on to the selection of Paul and Joe make up they sold. I was in a small, delightfully smelling, heaven. There were lots of other antique shops and unique quiant gifty shops that I ooed and ahed over until I came to the bottom of the hill and made it to the Charity/Vintage Shop.

Origionally I went in there in search of some shoes for a party, if you have read my Fact of the Week about Heels you will know about my hatred for heels, if not feel free to click here, and so I always try to purchase cheap pairs of heels so it doesn't matter when they only get worn once and thrown in the closet. So it was to my great surprise when I walked out of there with two pairs of heels (you heard me, two pairs!!) and a top. Including the hat that I had purchased in another shop earlier in the morning I had somehow managed to acquire an extra three items....again....

These pretty red suede shoes are Kurt Geiger, and only cost £4 and other
than a toe scuff are in really good condition.
A grey and black bowler style hat will come in useful and help top off
many an outfit, this was my Grandad's favourite
purchase (my Grandad is very into fashion).

A close up of a crop cardigan I am turning into a top for going out. And
a pair of shoes which are a bit vampy for me if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Exam Results *deep breath*

Now I know this is a week late, but last thursday every AS/A Level student in the UK received his or her exam results, and I was no exception. I had been staying over at @LuciaMMXII house for her sisters birthday so I wasn't able to hear my Mum's comforting words (which are never that comforting anyway) before I left to go to school to retreive that little brown envelope, or as I like to call it, 'The Dream Crusher'. Now it is a bit dramatic for me to call it that as I was just picking up my AS Level results, so it wasn't quite as detremental to my future, as it will be next year...... Now my plan for the day was to make sure I did my makeup in the morning, so I knew that I couldn't cry or there would be mascara everywhere. To an extent that did work, althought the flood barriers had to work hard nevertheless. Now I did get ok results, but I have high expectations (super high) and I think part of that is the school thinking I am smarter than I actually am, and the ridiculously high grades you have to get to do a Law degree at a UK University. And I had to tell my Maths tutor (yeh not so smart if I need a Maths tutor) that I did the worst in his subject, no matter all the hard work he put in. Then there is the fact I have some smart cookies for friends, so when you open your results and the girl standing next to you is dissapointed with AABB and your stood there with ABBBC your a little bit put out. However, I knew that if I had got AABB I would also have been dissapointed (if I hadnt known I would've got worse). Now I just have to wait till September when I go into school for my interviews and my subject teachers get to tell me what they really think of my grades, scary or what? H x


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What I am listening to this Week #1

Now, I have had a bit of a writers block recently, and have been sitting with my notepad open staring into space for a few days now. But never the less my persistence paid off cause it is without further ado that I introduce to you my new weekly post; What I am listening to this week.

Now music is a big part of my life, I dont think a day goes by where I am not listenng to something, looking up new bands or mixing my own stuff, so I thought it would be a great thing to share with you guys, so here goes;

1. Dancing with the Devil- Wolfgang (feat kyla La Grange) This is a great band, this song is a version of a song on there album, but its been stripped back to just the haughtingly origional vocals, with the help of one Kyla La Grange.
2. Call me in the Afternoon- Half Moon Run My new boyband crush, Half Moon Run are a little bit like Fleet Foxes, little like Mumford and Sons, and my friend and fellow blogger @LuciaMMXII was just in Chicago at Lollapalloza and had a front row spot to these guys set. Jealous? Me? No.....
3. Fitzpleasure- Alt J Now this song, scratch that, this band is one of my all time favourites, and ever since my friend showed me them about a year ago I have been hooked. This song is one of my favourites due to its bass line, and when I saw them live this song was incredible booming from the speakers, I would also check out there videos Breezeblocks and Tessalate as they are just such cool videos in themselves.
4. Cups- Anna Kendrick Now this is a really weird song up here, and i am not quite sure what it is about this song that has me listening to it so much, but nevertheless this song has featured heavily this week so far, and I just dont know why.
5. Koala- Vinyl Jacket Finally to round of this week, I have a song by a band from my school, and the brothers of a friend of mine. They have played at Glastonbury BBC1 Introducing Stage along with Burberry and Blackberry Acoustic. (I am even in the crowd at the video, at 3:34, with the gloves on...not very noticable I admit).

Hope you liked my new weekly posts, and I shall have a new 'What I am listening to this Week' next week H x


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Haul, Haul, Haul!!

Hello again, today I bring you news of a cheeky little shopping spree I had a few weeks earlier. Now it is not big news that I can spend a ridiculous amount of money super quickly, however, what frightened me about this shopping trip is that I also procured some items of make up *queue huge gasps everywhere*. Now for those who know me, this is a little weird, and for those who dont let me fill you in. I am lazy. Make Up as a rule scares me. How do you even use eye lash curlers?
Do you see where I am going with this, in one sweet sentence; I am scared of make up. So it surprised me as much as anyone else that I went on a little spree, and do you wanna hear what a got? five tops, two pairs of shoes, jeans, a dress
a beanie and some makeup was a lot....

So as you can see, I may have gone a little OTT, but with no one there to reign me in, what was I supposed to do, so down to the stats and facts (god, how I hate Statistics, only 9 days till my exam results, stupid Stats exam...).

So, the tye dye dress you see, is something I have been covetting for a while, I was going to buy it in the petite, but left it too late, and bought this gem in the sale for £14, at Asos (Asos Tye Dye Dress).
Also in the main picture is the pool blue sweater, Asos (£9.00), a navy blue slouchy t-shirt, H&M (£7.99), a grey fringed top that from H&M that cost me £3 (the top is no longer up on the website). Some jeans from Primark on sale for £7, a really cute polka dot collared top from Primark also (£10) which I am pretty sure my friend has, oooopsy....
All these items were each £6 or under!! SALES!!!

 The beanie hat come in four colours and I got in the sale from Asos for £4. The lacy black crop top has a somewhat vintage feel I like, and cost me £3. The vintagey looking black lace top my little sister picked out for me and cost £3 in the sale at Primark, grey top mentioned above. The lace baseball boots were also in the sale and cost me £6 (but I halfed with my little sister, yes we are the same size and she is only 11) from New Look. 

Now, I have been on the hunt for a pair of new winter booties for a few weeks now, and I previously fell in love with a pair from Aldo (none of my sizes left), a pair from Mango (too expensive) so these boots from New Look at £27.99 and they are sooo comfy, although they make a rattling sound due to the buckles, so you can sure hear me coming, damn my spy career.....

The last items on my list, I took advantage on the 3 for 2 on maybelline at Boots and purchased some blakc nail varnish, £2.99  (hello Punk trend), some rose gold creme eyeshadow  (£4.99) and a Eyeliner Pencil (£5.99). The mascara is a lash care mascara from Boots own brand Natural Collection. Phew! Either I am going to have to shop less, or learn how to edit videos for my next haul post!! H x


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Secret confesion II *all gasp....again*

Now, if any you have read Sercet confession *all gasp* you may not be as excited by one of my post saying 'secret confessions'. And I will admit, it is a little bit of a stupid confession, but it is a secret none the less.
Now if you have read my 'Hopes Here' page (it's just above if you haven't) you know that I love a good book. I tend to read harrowing sad ones, some of my favourite books being the Bell Jar and the Interpretation of Murder, not books centred around happy topics right? But there is one series of books I go back to time and time again (even though I am 17) and they always seem to cherr me and, and that is.....(promise you wont laugh?) The Princess Diaries Series. Yeh, I know, to go from Sylvia Plath to this is a bit of a turn around, and someone who professes to have a love of classic literature it seems like an odd choice, but hear me out.
I can totally relate to Miss Mia Thermopolis. Ok, I am not a princess, my dad isnt a prince with a tendency to date super models and my mum didn't marry my Algerbra teacher (I don't even have Algerbra classes, Maths, not Algerbra). But alot of things I can relate to, I have unruely hair, I always hide how I truely feel, I am a geek and like Star Wars. But also some of the more serious things Mia goes through have happened in my life too. I had a breakdown when the 'supposed love of my life' dumped me too, even though I was the one who went all crazy on him (and ok he hasn't gone to Japan to build a robotic surgical arm, but he wants to be a doctor, and that saves lives). I also got depression, and had to go to therapy every single week (ok, my therapist wasn't a cowboy either, but still similar). All my 'depressing' usual reads were taken away from me and during my tough times I was left to read this series, and it helped me a lot, I felt like I could really relate to a fictional American Princess, and even now when I feel a little down, I pick up the books and start reading again. And I have alot to thank Mia and Meg Cabot for, and even though I have given up hope of the happy ending that Mia has (graduation, top college, a boyfriend who returns and secretly loved her all the time, and a best friend back) I still love the books, and every now and then still secretly beleive I am a princess too....H x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Coyote? Lawyer? Prime Minister? Or marry a rich guy...?

During my holidays I have to write my personel statement, I know right, the clue is in the name, H O L I D A Y!!! There should be no work, and especially not something as stressfull as this.
Now I am excited for University (I've never been more terrified in my life) and I know exactly want I wanna do with my life (Nope, nadda, not a clue, is being a Princess a degree?) so you can understand why I am finding it a little difficult to write my personnel statement.

When I was a little girl I went through all the regular thoughts small kids have about growing up; Vet, check. Farmer, check. Pop star, check. But I also had a few unusual ones too, such as Princess (I am still convinced ddep down that my real parents will find me and I will one day ascend to the throne) and more bizzarely, Coyote. Now for those of you in the dark, I am not talking about the dog, I didnt wanna be Wiley Coyote, thats for sure. I am talking about the film Coyote Ugly, those Coyotes. Now I know that most of you will be horrified that an 8 year old wanted to be a Coyote, but it was one of my favourite films (still is) when I was younger, and my parents were the kind to let you watch any film you wanted as long as it wasn't violent (or James Bond, weird I know). And if you think about it, it does look kinda fun, if you are oblivious to all other conitations that go with the profession, but somehow I think if I turned around now and said to my parents I was uping sticks to New York to become an actual Coyote, I think they would object, now I am 17, and practically a grown women.

So what does that leave me with? A boring ol' job? I love history, but will a history degree get me anywhere? And Geography? Art? Maths? What on earth am I gonna do? Why do they make you decide now? My Mum is 50 and she still doesn't know what she wants to do, how is a 17 year old supposed to know what she wants to do? Really deep down, I have always wanted to be a housewife, have a bunch of kids and look after them until they leave the nest. But what University will except me if I wirte that? I know I am not the only one, tonnes of my friends ave no idea what they want to do, but we have to decide, now.

Personally I have decided to apply for law, as this combines a lot of things I like to do, with the ability to help people, and that is why, when I write my personnel statement, I will be writing about how I want to study the law, and you know what, it may not be as glamorous as a princess, but it may just be much more rewarding, H x
It's time I left my childhood dreams behind me
(Image courtesy of DB Covers)


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I climbed a f***ing mountain!!

Sorry for my long absence from the universe that is the internet, it turns out when you miss three weeks off school you have a hell of a lot of catching up to do, and I have been running around ever since trying to appease all my teachers (ok, I did do alot of gossip catch up with my friends aswell).

Today I write to you my lovelies to tell you about my trip to *drum roll* Morocco!! Thats right, I went to Africa, and not just for a relaxing holiday in Marrakech either, I climbed the High Atlas Mountains!! Now if you have been an avid reader of all my other posts you may be a little confused, I have made no secret of my (somewhat lacking) love for excercise. But this was an eye opener into where walking can actually get you, and in my case that is to the top of a very high montain!!
The main mosque in Marakkech, which if you get lost is a great place to meet up, not that I got lost or anything, just incase you do though......

Now I went with school and a company called Schools Worldwide, if you havent heard of them, follow this link, they do some amazing trips for people up to 18. If you are keen on volunteering and trekking then feel free to follow this link to their website

From altitude sickness, to toilets that were holes in the ground,  to getting proposed one too many times in Marakkech to dancing with the traditional Berber population, I fully recommend that you, my dears, get yourself off to Africa, and in paticular, Morocco for an experience of a lifetime. H x
Trekking Gear isn't the most attractive, note to self, hats from Claires Accesorise are not very sturdy....

Stairs to my boudoir anyone?

Dinner on a roof terrace anyone? However, it was so hot that my bum stuck to the seat!


(Images courtesy of my friend and her brilliant photgraphy skills)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Employee of the Month? Yeah right!!

Now if watching every episode of Fresh Meat over and over was a job, I would be employee of the month every time, scratch that, I would have won an MBE due to my dedication to the field. Unfortunately fo me it isnt a job, and it doesnt pay too well either. I swear, when every teenager turns a certain age the fatal words, 'I need a job' are uttered and I giant man hunt ensues to be the first person to find a weekend job.

Now Unlike my friends I haven't felt too great a urge or need to get a job up until now, when a car, Uni and festival after festival all seem to be rolling into one giant pound sign. It always seems that when you actually need money it is rarely there (ok maybe I have a small weakness for clothes shopping, but still my bank account shouldnt be that empty!). Everyone is always envious of the friend who always seems to have money to spend due to their weekend job. And it is not just the money that is a perk, how about those new work collegues and the work nights out? And the infamous Christmas Party?

Ofcourse applying for a job means a CV and I have no idea how to write one. What traits and hobbies do I actually have that are worthy? How do the majority of teenagers manage to have things to write about? 'Once hosted an enormous house party, showed planning skills'? Don't think thats gonna cut it, or how about 'Can succesfully cook beans on toast, shows great culinary skills'? Nope dont think that counts either, so what do you actually write? Everytime I sit down with my laptop ready to write down my praises I never get very far. It truely amazes me how any of my friends have jobs, unless they all are secretly working for MI6 or something, come to think of it, they never did email me an example of their CV.......x

This is what happens everytime I try to write my CV, I think it is a talent right?


Monday, 17 June 2013

Running Shoes, oh how I loath you...

I have always had a love hate relationship with my running shoes, scratch that, I have always had a love hate relationship with excercise in general. Every night I place my running shoes at the bottom of my bed so on the mornings I may be tempted to go for a run. This NEVER happens. Dont get me wrong, I like running, I enjoy going to the gym and feeling the burn as you stretch your legs on that treadmill, on that beautiful woodland track, but as soon as I get tired I stop and go home. Theres also the fact that after excercise not only am I hot and sweaty but my skin looks a yellow sickly colour (I dont go red, just very sallow, not a good look) and if I see someone I know I duck behind the nearest tree in sight. Getting to the gym is enough excercise in itself, never mind actually running!!

Nowadays teenagers all over feel the pressure to stay skinny, its not just girls, more and more boys are also feeling the pressure to stay lean and mean. Now  everyone eats and excercises there way skinny. I have friends who run, cycle, swim and even do hours of squats and crunches in the name of staying toned and thinned. The majority of guys I know weight lift and do push up all in the name of a beautiful flat stomach (and as much as I worry about this new rise of low self esteem, some of their abs are pretty darn impressive...hmmmm...). But shouldnt we be excercising because we enjoy it? Because it makes us happy?

I myself have struggled with self image and after years of self starving I finally came to the conclusion that food is actually rather gosh darn tasty and the only way to eat all the scrummy food I see and to not worry is to excercise, but not in excess, and always eat to replenish my rumbling tummy. And if I am doing something I love, then that excercise isnt a chore but a pleasure. Excercise is also important for another reason, it releashes endorphins, which go a long way to help releiving that school, boyfriend, or family stress. And that is why tommorow morning instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I will don my running shoes and go out for an early morning run (as long as a full cooked breakfast is waiting for me when I get back, maybe with waffles and maple syrup on the side?) And I encourage that instead of running or going to the gym to stay slim you go do something you enjoy and dont push yourself too hard, and always, always reward yourself with some well deserved choccy after ;) x


Monday, 10 June 2013

Oxford or Cambridge? I wish!

When you are younger you always assume that you will do well in school, get straight A's and go to Oxford or Cambridge.

Growing up my former schools never told me otherwise, I was smart and people always assumed that I would do well at school, and I never thought otherwise, but roll on high school and things look slightly different. Suddenly there were hundreds of smart kids left right and centre, I mean I had always had smart friends, but boy some of the people I was meeting were smart cookies, I am talking straight A's and child prodigys here. Fast forwrad four years and suddenly it is that time, University? Gap Year? Marraige? (Scratch that last one, unless your Prince Harry, then I accept, or should I say I do?)

Suddenly Oxford and Cambridge seem far from my grasp and my options are blown wide open, where an earth am I going to study, and more to the point what am I going to study? I dont think there is a degree in watching the Jeremy Kyle Show or cooking Super Noodles (I suggest the Mild Curry flavour btw), which leaves me still a wondering. Every teenager knows and dreads the fatal question, 'What do you want to do when your older?' and I highly doubt being a coyote like Piper Perabo in the film Coyote Ugly is gonna cut it anymore (at age 8 my parents were mortified at this aspiration I hasten to add). So, now I am left with a mound of university broucheres in my bedroom trying to decide on my next move, and dreading 'the talk' that awaits me and my fellow pupils at school on Wednesday. So how should I decide I ask you, my dear readers? Pull a name out of a hat? Shut my eyes and point? Or go with what people have always told me and expected of me? Well one thing is for sure and that is that I am not alone in this and that thousands just like me are pulling at their hair and chewing on those already knarled nails, and I would love to know how you are coping with the momentous task. And on that note I must leave you to go shop for a new wig, as I feel that all this stress has seriously thinned my hair! x
Manchester or LSE maybe?

Or perhaps a Uni in New Zealand? Or is the sheep to human ratio a little too high?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

First Ever Post!!

Hey, since I am about to come to what every adult, teacher and bad teenage romcom refers to as the 'most important time of your life' I have decided to document the crazy turmoils that are about to befall many seventeen year olds like me (seeing as Universal havent yet come a knocking to make a film about my crazy ass life I shall have to blog it *sigh*, but I'll keep you posted when they do!) I am a bit new to the blogging world, and technology usually repels me, so the fact that my laptop hasn't hit self destruct before the end of this post is a great acheivement for the day, so with that I leave you Hopes Gone's first ever post, and if you'll bare with me I shall be back soon x
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